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Books by Elizabeth Carroll

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Dream Killing

The newest book by EB Carroll is coming soon!

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A Killing Grief

Julianne is finishing a forensic pathology fellowship and plans to specialize in crimes against women and children. There is a terrible double child abduction homicide in Malibu, and Julianne eventually finds the killers, risking her own life. She’s made quite a few changes, met different romantic interest people at work, and at the end of the book, is now eligible for a second and third set of boards in both general and pediatric forensic pathology. She accepts a prestigious post based in Paris at Pasteur, with sponsorship from WHO/UNICEF.​​

The Fed Killers

Julianne has fled Paris to escape an abusive lover and has found the post at Pasteur rather unrewarding. She is in Washington DC, assigned to help solve a string of murders of Federal employees. There is no apparent provocation or motivation. When one of the attackers, a woman, is found to be a genetic male, it proves a vital clue. She is beginning to extricate herself from so many relationships/sexual encounters with men, and eventually moves back to California, having solved the crime series.

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Killing in Time

Home should be a place of safety, but when Julianne parks in the driveway of her California mansion and steps out of the car with her young son Teddie, she finds herself standing in a pool of blood. Julianne is brought face to face with violence, abuse, and betrayal, and is soon fighting for her sanity and her life. An intense, brilliant exploration of a crime and its impact on everyone it touches.

"This is a great book. A first-class, white knuckle crime thriller"

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