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Elizabeth Carroll is the literary name for a pediatric critical care physician and researcher, Carol E. Nicholson, MD, MS, FAAP, now retired and writing a series of stand-alone forensic and romantic thrillers. Her professional interests have included special issues for women and children and her experience as an inner-city pediatrician and as a pediatric subspecialist devoted to the care of children with crippling and lethal illness and injury has provided the opportunity to observe and write about the darkness that emerges from the human heart, as well as the redemption that our best efforts can bring. 

A life-long athlete, she has enjoyed running, beachcombing, hiking, skiing, tennis, and golf. A life-long writer, Elizabeth has studied creative writing and crime fiction both in California and the United Kingdom (Oxford and Faber Academy). She has published extensively in pediatric science and medicine.

A graduate of Faber Academy, she is currently working on her fourth book, Dream Killing (working title).

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