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It's really interesting, the developmental trajectory, the forces that changed YOU from a two celled organism into YOU.

Right now, from mid-May on, we see our young people walking down aisles, hearing graduation addresses and moving on in their journey to productive adulthood. How complex early life is, how fascinating and joyful! Each human being is unique! Each is impacted by their own genetics, the mix between two parents' DNA.

So, we have special stages as we develop, and we recognize those : birth, kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, graduate/professional school. Take a moment to think of your own graduations while you listen to Pomp and Circumstance. Graduations are a one-way street, and I find I cannot really recall the details of medical school graduation--my son was two years old, and I was distracted!

Just like the seasonal trees , though, we age, wither and die. Even though we know this, sometimes we feel and act like life is forever. Take a moment, think about it and watch these elegant drawings:

Nothing is forever! Keep doing what you do, and loving life, even with its barriers and sometimes suffering, relish it!

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