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I am writing to introduce this new author website and blog: Spirit of EB Carroll, as well as myself. EB Carroll is a literary name, taken because as I wrote my first books, I was still actively working as a physician. I’m writing full time now!

In 2010 I began writing my first book Killing in Time (KIT). Eventually it was picked up and published by a tiny publisher in the UK: Wordsmith Press. Here’s the link on Amazon so you can read the reviews: Here’s the link on Amazon so you can read the reviews.

That book will be out of print soon…just two more copies available on Amazon and of course I have some more in my garage. If you really want a copy, just let me know, and I’ll send one to you for free until they’re gone. I’ll even cover the shipping cost , too! Why not?

Killing in Time was released in 2012 at Crimefest in Bristol, UK: Here’s the link for the 2022 conference, ten years after the release of my first novel. I am hoping that it is an in-person event, and proceeds with actually possible travel between the US and the UK. If it’s in-person, I’m going to make an effort to be there! Visit their website to check it out!

The next two books that I wrote are not published as yet: A Killing Grief and The Fed Killers. In both of those novels I benefitted from working with a former chief of staff for a long-serving congressman. After my experience with my first book, I’ve decided the traditional publishing model, with an agent and an established publisher, will need to be present before publication is a realistic option. Sorry, high standards are best!

I decided to go ahead with a fourth book (Dream Killing), and after much consideration and research, I enrolled in Faber Academy. I’ve completed two courses there: Writing Crime and most recently Finish Your Draft - click the courses to explore for yourself! This last one is a selective course, and requires completion of basic writing instruction….you have to apply first! The course is ten months long; I just finished it on November 1, 2021. It’s led by real experts in creative writing. It’s pretty demanding, to tell the truth! For me, the improvement in my writing was substantial! I anticipate that Dream Killing will be ready for submission by September, 2022. I am being cautious this time, as you probably understand!

I have three beta readers, devoted lovers of reading fiction, and precise as well! One is still recovering from being bicoastal (just like me!), one is a school chum, and one is an informaticist. All three are enormously helpful, and I am very grateful. So far, they’ve let me know that I’m on the right track with Dream Killing! In addition, I have two writing buddies: one is a professional evolutionary astrologer in the suburbs of Chicago and one lives in Pacific Palisades. The businesses of creative writing and book publishing is confusing—even threatening for us new authors!

I look forward to sharing all kinds of things with you from what I am doing professionally to what I am reading, and more.

-EB Carroll

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